Monday, May 04, 2015

The Good Shepherd

I saw this at my sister's Abbey website this morning. May God bless the Abbess Mother Franziska OSB. 

A few years ago I was presented with an African Benedictine goodbye, with the remark: "This is for you, dear Mama." He gave me a grateful smile, along with a work of art from his Tanzanian homeland. I am the Good Shepherd. (Jn 10:11) 

Spiritual Impulse

the Good Shepherd who knows me, 
carries me on his arms, 
loves me, looking for me, 
leads me, 
heals me 
and delivered me from all fear. 
This good news, 
I may pass on by my word, 
but also through my ministry, 
and in any way whatsoever. 

Text: M. Kloos Franziska OSB, abbess of the Abbey of St. Walburg, Eichstätt

Photo: Sr. Caritas Dirr OSB

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