Monday, July 20, 2015

Laura Ingalls conference

When I took the class online on the writings of Laura Ingalls I also signed up for the conference which was being hosted here in Brookings. It happened in the midst of a busy week but I was able to participate quite a bit!

The conference was great, based more on the books, of course, and not on the widely-known television series, which purists find to be very distorted. (I think the series is fine in its own merit.) Many of the talks were about different aspects of the books: there was a meteorological who spoke about the plague of locusts, it seems that she talked about the long winter at the last conference. The most interesting for me was the international session, a Japanese spoke on the translation into Japanese, but the most interesting and fun lecture was by an UK attorney who spoke of the differences in the language in the UK editions. I left eager to prepare a talk for the next conference on translations into Portuguese, and my personal experience of reading the books in Portuguese in Brazil as a child... and now living here in "Laura land".

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