Sunday, December 27, 2015

Some wonderful, thoughtful, special gifts!

Best present? Number Three arrived home in time for dinner, after braving the snowy roads!
We had a Rosemary-Black currant mustard-garlic pork loin and Party Potatoes,
with the Christmas Braid of course, dill carrots and salad on the side!
The nice wine Husband picked out for Christmas. It was so very good!
Antarctica gift of warmth! 

It is so wonderfully warm! Just in time as we have gotten so much snow recently and the temperature dipped to below zero. The tag explained all about the colors of the Antarctic tartan, above.
And another gift of warmth from Husband: a woolen SDSU scarf from the South Dakota Sheep Producers!

Number One brought a few more things from Antarctica and this keychain was especially coveted!
Mrs. Pepino gave me this clever desk calendar!

This stone Amsterdam houses I found accidentally at the local antique shop. Number One absolutely loved them! They are small and all fit perfectly into one iPhone 6 box.

Number Five gave us this handmade picture she made of our new home!
The details are wonderful! We Loved it!
Aunt Mary sent Alaska smoked salmon for Husband's delight!
My sis sent this adorable dishcloth and it was a popular post by Number Five on Facebook!
A young Catholic bartender must own this title!
A calendar, a hat, some wine.  Number Four is happy.
And a series of happy joint selfies!

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