Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tomorrow is my sister Margarida's Birthday

We don't talk very often at all, mostly on computer text... and it's hard do  me to hear her voice without tearing up. We shared a room in every house our family lived, until I went to college and she was married. I found these photos and made a collage for her Facebook to celebrate her birthday!--this is something she greatly enjoys and has done for others as well. I cropped the First Communion photo--it was a large class--because I love her smile onthat happy day! Fr. Miguel, OSB was our beloved school chaplain. 

I wrote this prayer two years ago and post it again.
Happy Birthday, dearest sister!

Lord in heaven, Father, 
Lord of Love and of Lord of families,
keep my dear sister, I beg You, in Your most loving hands. 
Send her moments of joy and love, and consolation, and rewards for her constant love of others.
And please, if it be Your will, Lord, 

that she and and I will still be able to spend time together in this life.
May we also be together with our dearest Mamae in heaven one day, 

whose goodness and counsel still guide us.

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