Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year's Family Countdown!

Ten of us were together this past summer for official family portraits!

Is the number of countries Husband visited in 2015! France, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Kenya and Turkey!

Husband had a caricature of him made at the Conference in Toulouse, France. I had it framed! 

Is the number of blocks Number Four runs until he gets to the Campus Wellness Center for his daily workout. With a 30 lb backpack on his back.

Is the number of times Number One visited this year. May the number double in the New Year! His visits are absolutely wonderful, with games, noisy meals and, well, always some football-watching sprinkled in.

One of his spring departures...
is how many times numbers 5 and 7 have had a face to face conversation this past year. OK, so this is an approximate number. These are the two busiest daughters: one in college--taking loads of credits and holding several jobs at once--and one involved in Colorguard and Drumline in Marching Band, besides being in the school musical, choir and a community leadership group. I have come to treasure the few times they are actually at home and with time available for the family.

mysteries of the Rosary: my continued prayer throughout the year. May the Blessed Virgin, honored today in the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God, continue watching and guiding our family life!

Number of convents Number Six visited during a diocesan "Nun-Run" this past summer. She is still talking about how wonderful her trip was!

plus hours is what it takes for Number Three to drive home from Omaha, NE where he now teaches at Chesterton Academy. Thanking God for the work opportunities he so greatly enjoys!

 is the number of the child who was here this summer and blossomed in her portrait photography! The ones below are just a few favorites... See more on her wonderful blog!

One home! It was what we needed, and, with heavenly help, it was we found! We continue to be extremely thankful to God for our small and charming 1880s home in the University Historic District, between campus and downtown. We all love its many windows, two staircases, high ceilings, layout, yard and more!

Our little piece of paradise!

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