Sunday, June 12, 2016

And finally: Announcing Number Five's Engagement!

I waited until I had finished my wedding-help duties to post about our own Number Five's news! On the way back from Denver I finally posted about it--after knowing about it for a few days!

Husband and I knew about it since we were in NY State and Matt asked us to go for a walk in the neighborhood so he could talk to us. I have, since that day, relied on the memory of that walk whenever I needed to smile and put some joy in my heart. Husband and I were so impressed with his composure and eloquence to begin with--but in the end of the 45 minute walk it was the love and respect he demonstrated toward our beloved daughter that truly impressed us. He told us the story of meeting her, of admiring her beauty at first from afar, of waiting until the opportunity came, much later, for a date, and then of getting to know her interior beauty. He told us of what our Isabel's done for him--challenging him to be closer to God and to be a better person. Isn't that what true love is? To be challenged, to desire the other's happiness, to work towards that noble goal. She has told us repeatedly how she admires and respects him, and learns too from his many virtues. We talked at length about what the sacrament of  marriage is, and what is entails, and told stories--and he asked for our blessing, which we gladly gave. 

We are delighted for them! Can we ever be guaranteed happiness in this life? No, of course not. But we can rejoice immensely when a couple starts a life together with a solid foundation, based in true and lasting things, and we can predict that are well-equipped for the sorrows that life brings. 

To our Isabel and her dear Matthew, Husband and I wish all that is happy and good, and may God's name be praised on heaven and earth!

Below are the new engaged couple's own posts about it:

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