Saturday, June 11, 2016

Emily's and Joey's Wedding

The invite...

and the matching program.
A serious, meaningful, beautiful ceremony in every way. Friends from MN did the music from the choir loft and there was a gorgeous post-communion song accompanied by Spanish guitar composed on a poem by St Teresa of Avila.

Joey was at the Benedictine College Abbey Abbey as a brother for many years. Fr. Meinard from the Abbey came to pray the mass, and one of Joey's colleagues, a freshly ordained deacon, officiated the vows.
May God bless you always, Emily and Joey! 

I have seldom gotten so many likes on Facebook without mentioning one of my children. Or comments for that matter. The cake was put together as bride and groom were already entering the reception hall--we had no access to it beforehand---and I got some help  in adding the flowers and foliage--all to a magnificent result!

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