Friday, June 10, 2016

Visit to the Abbey of Saint Walburga!

As I was done with the baking and the bride's house was filling up with friends, Number One drove us two hours away to the Abbey of Saint Walburga. (Here are three past posts where I mention it.)  It has been twenty-one years since we had visited the abbey, and that was the occasion of Number One's First Holy Communion--yes, at the Abbey! It was then in Boulder, but Boulder grew too much around it and they needed a new place. They received a gift of this land and have since moved and build everything from the ground up. Mother Maria-Thomas, now the retired abbess, with whom I have corresponded annually all these years, came to meet us and talked to us a while and showed us around. We then were invited to stay for the chanted office and for lunch. It was a wonderful visit and I can't wait to tell my sister Marta about it--her abbey was the original Motherhouse of the one in CO.

The mountains were always with us during our day trip


The tapestries are replicas of 1400s ones in the motherhouse in Germany and woven by German nuns  for the Colorado abbey. 

admiring the reliquary


bell tower 

Number One loved it


The Bavaria Madonna

chapel from entrance


German woven tapestries in chapel


Music corner in chapel 

Chapel from the altar

Office prayer sheets for the visitors

This is a traditional image from a Latin Missal etched in glass

A joyful reunion with Mother Maria-Thomas OSB

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