Monday, June 20, 2016

Yesterday at the local Botanical Gardens

It was quite warm and we were the only ones in the Gardens, but it was what Husband wanted to do for a Father's Day outing--we had ice cream afterwards! We have a seasonal membership and were all scouting spots for the the upcoming engagement photos!

"Smell this herb"

How are we doing posing as a newly engaged couple?

He likes the more natural seats

So many good spots with pretty benches

And chairs

Or a waterfall background?

Husband liked this shady spot



The sundial is not aware of summer daylight savings

back into venue courtyard

and goodbye to Harvey Dunne sculpture

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Candise Schmidling said...

I cannot pass up any sundails! We learned how to make them in 5th grade Science (some years ago) and mine from Reid is still not unpacked after the move 14 months ago. They are so interesting! Glad you spotted one in a nice garden together!
Candise & Crew