Friday, June 21, 2019

Trip to California: Husband, Matt and Number Five arrive

What joy! Matt and Number Five so enjoyed touring the campus, as did Husband and I, again! Number Six was the loving aunt and many of her friends gathered round us at meals! 

Foucault's Pendulum

Around campus

Grandpa time!

Science Building

Happy Dominic

We all enjoyed the campus food--Husband and bagels and lox! 
New sweatshirt!

Stunning chapel

The St Bernardine of Siena Library was an oasis! Matt studied many hours there.

Library baby

Number Six's friends are wonderful!

campus coffee

Sleepy baby

Science building


Break time at the commons

Such a beautiful campus 

We stayed in their guest quarters

And walked a lot!

Jon Daly gave us a tour! 

"We love it here!" 

These California-traditional, colorful bas relief plaques are all around campus


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