Saturday, January 26, 2013


I like embroidery, but I am a long way from the professional qualities of my friend Jannell--see here and here.

Well, professional or not, I was inspired by my friend, and by a craft fair I attended in the fall, and I actually drew and made these before Christmas for gifts. I couldn't blog them as I was making them, as they were surprises for friends and family!

I actually made many more, simpler ones like the "Tereza" and "Wanda", for the coop teachers. That was the beginning of it all. I realized I loved sitting on my spot especially in the early morning, in the silence and quiet of the dawn, and it became quite a prayerful exercise. I had the most wonderful Advent as I began my each day thinking of a dear one, drawing, choosing colors and embroidering. I would have my audio Rosary on the iPad, and would pray along as the Aves succeeded each other, for that specific friend or family member...

The giraffe was made for our "Zoo" relatives--a Number Seven original drawing! But I did come up with the lettering, vines, flowers, the snail and bunny... taking ideas from here and there. Not all of them were photographed. "Carolyn & Tom" was the first one of the family ones, as I wanted so much to give a gift that was personal and practical. And it went from there.

I'm already looking forward to next Advent season and new early morning designs!

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Candise and Crew said...

Your vine and letter for Carolyn & Tom is my favorite! I like the ampersand whenever I find it. One year we embroidered hankies with the initials of our godmothers, but your creativity is evident in the lovely results.
Candise & Crew