Sunday, September 07, 2014

On soft-boiled eggs

Number Six and I enjoy soft boiled eggs in the morning. We don't have them everyday but maybe about once a week. We invariably get comments from people in this house who will remain nameless. The comments don't faze us, though, we have grown used to them. We see them as less-than-classy comments. :-)

My dad used to have them, almost every morning, when I was in school. He used to eat the yolk and I'd be attentively waiting for him to pass me the leftovers, with most of the egg white still intact. I can't have soft-boiled eggs without thinking of him.

Number Six and I, being the only soft-boiled eggs lovers here, went to the local Antique store in town last fall to find the little cups. They are old and pretty, and were about $3 each. They are hard to find new.

Soft boiled eggs have to be done just right. If they are even slightly overdone they aren't really any good. The way we do them is by taking the pot of boiling water from the heat as soon as it starts bubbling, and wait exactly three minutes to retrieve the eggs from the water.

Try it! It's nectar from the gods, as my father used to say.


Christine said...

You just brought back many memories. I grew up eating soft-boiled eggs. :)

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Do you eat them now? :-)